Valley Map


A *somewhat-to-scale* stylized map of The San Geronimo Valley, the place I have called home for most of my life.

The Valley is a rural community made up of four unique towns home to only about 3500 people in total. Don’t let this small population deceive you though, because The Valley’s cultural significance is disproportionately notable compared to its population, with rockstars such Janis Joplin calling The Valley home for a brief period, and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead spending his final days under the redwoods of Forest Knolls.

Roy’s Redwoods Preserve has also been immortalized as the filming location of Endor, the home of the Ewoks in the Star Wars universe. Located only a couple miles north of the preserve is Skywalker Ranch, the epicenter of Lucas Films.

This map highlights a few of The Valley’s notable hotspots, as well as some of the treacherously winding unpaved roads that are synonymous underneath its redwoods canopies.