Old Habits Die Hard Shirt


A collaboration with Saffiros sold exclusively at the Fairfax 2023 Liminal x Saffiros Pop Up

In a partnership with Saffiros LLC., we decided to run an anonymous survey in which we asked participants to provide what they considered to be their most negative and self-destructive traits, in the name of science. These are a few responses we received in no particular order.

Red 40 & Seed oil consumption
Importation of illegally-high nicotine percentage vaporizers from Calgary
Selling counterfeit designer brands on Offerup
Zyns & Redbull
Gas station Kratom pills

This study was a very insightful look into the rarely analyzed psyche of some of the Bay Area’s brightest-minded youth.
We proceded to dump our findings onto a t-shirt and sell our data to a research company in Beijing for an undisclosed amount.

Modelled by our friend Kino.