Acrylic on canvas.
16” x 20”

I decided that this summer would be one of learning and doing. I spent countless hours planning and creating a pop up shop with my brother, I learned how to paint houses with my grandpa, and I dipped my toes into the wonderfully strange world of working retail in Fairfax, California.

Between it all, I decided to devote much of the little free time I had to learning the techniques of painting from my Grandma.

I spent hours listening to her stories and admiring her work, meeting with and speaking to her amazing artist friends, learning about our family history, and painting. I gained so much insight and appreciation for art from our time together this summer, and feel that I unlocked a part of myself that I did not know existed before.

Plus, it was a much needed break from sitting hunchbacked staring at my monitor with a red bull in hand for 12 hours a day. Thanks Grandma.