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New ‘blog’ Page


The blog page will be the new home for old incident reports, as well as new articles/interviews or whatever other writing stuff I feel like posting there.
Also, did some slight updates to the various existing articles, particularly What is a Liminal Space? where I added some new content and ideas specifically around liminal related internet horror.

You can click here to get to the blog page or find it on the site menu.

New items in the store


A brand new embroidered snow camo Liminal cap is available for your purchase in the online web store.
Liminal x Saffiros classified sticker packs are available as well.

Liminal x Saffiros Pop Up Event


Tonight is the night. After much though and countless hours of work, my brother & I will be hosting our very first collaborative pop up in Fairfax, CA. We will be offering an array of clothing (some new and some old,) designed by both Liminal and Saffiros, there will be live music from two awesome local bands, Petra and Milk for the Angry, the latest and greatest in cloning technology will be on full display from our friends at Siliclones, and lastly, we will have a station set up allowing for you to change your identity.

We hope to see you there!

Women’s Club
46 Park Rd.
Fairfax, CA 94930
4PM - 8PM

Jaywalking Stickers Release


Click here to cross the street.

Website Redesign


The new website is live. With the launch of the website, all items in the store are 20% off for a limited time.

Woodacre Beta Program


1 (415) 484-9803

The Liminal Trading Company is in the process of creating a font.
It is planned to be released for free to the public in 2023.

At the moment, we have compiled a beta version which is the subject of the
Woodacre Beta Testing Program.

If you would like to participate in the beta program, please call
1-415-484-9803. Leave your first name and email address after the beep.
A representative will contact you via email with a font file for you to participate with.

Feedback is greatly appreciated and can be sent via a reply to the original email or by leaving a message at the Liminal Hotline number.

Thank you for your participation.

The Internationally Sanctioned Sticker Pack


The first official Liminal sticker pack has released.
8 stickers, 3 new designs, for only $12.

Liminal x Sun Head Shirts Available Now


The Liminal x Sun Head t-shirts are available now on the store.

Sun Head Album Listening Event + T-shirt Drop


Last night, the post-punk duo Sun Head played their highly-anticipated album to a small group of attendees inside of a small, dimly-lit, pill-shaped encapsulation at Revolution 9 in Fairfax, CA.

Liminal and Sun Head teamed up to create exclusive t-shirts for the event. Guests at the show had the first chance to get their hands on a shirt, but tomorrow at 12 PM we will be releasing the remaining shirts to the public.

These will be the highest quality shirts we have ever created at Liminal. Each shirt will have a sewn-in Liminal Trading Co. woven label. All shirts are made and printed here in the USA.

The shirts drop tomorrow at 12 PM exclusively on

The Naturalist


This is the story of a man named Jacques R. Helfer.

Jacques was a well known figure in the California coastal town of Mendocino. He was a writer in the local paper, an author, and a lifetime naturalist.
This is the story of his controversial life, mysterious death, and my personal experience exploring his haunted and abandoned cliff-side property.

You can read more about Jacques the blog.

Swedish Musician IDs


Your very own Bladee ID stickers available now on the webstore.

Cat Beanies attainable now


Red and Orange cat beanies awaiting your purchasing.

1987 Mt. Shasta Hats Drop


Feeling lost? Confused? Nowhere left to run?

That is ok my friend. With the purchase of this incredible hat from the Liminal Trading Company, everything will be alright. What is the 1987 Mt. Shasta Incident you ask? Look no further than here. Where can I purchase this once in a life time hat you also ask? Well of cours you can purchase one here!

“These are one of the hats you will ever buy.” - Local Mt. Shasta Lemurian Enthusiast

‘Anonymous Market’ Logo T-shirts and stickers drop


Printed on the highest quality blanks.
Check them out in the store.

Mars-1 Sneaker Giveaway (ENDED)


You can find all information on how to join the giveaway on the instagram post caption. Giveaway ends Wednesday, 3/1/22.

Mars-1 Shoe Update #5  -  The Finale


All shoes have been packed and we plan on them being picked up tomorrow. If your tracking number still has no update, expect them to update with a delivery date when UPS picks them up. Thanks everyone!

Mars-1 Shoe Update #4


UPS has officially picked up the first shipment of shoes. You can expect your tracking numbers to update later today. Signatures are required for all of the shoe packages, so plan accordingly.

We’ve also received more shoes and are working full time to get them all packed up and ready to be sent off next week.

Thank you everyone for being patient, we’re doing our best to get these shipped out as quick as possible.

Mars-1 Shoe Update #3 / Liminal Q&A


I did a Q&A on Instagram and answered a bunch of your questions about the Mars-1 shoes and other random stuff.
You can check out the Mars-1 shoe updates here

The White’s Hill B-17 Crash of 1946


The latest installment to the Liminal Incident Reports is the mysterious crash of a B-17 bomber into the Marin hills of the Northern Bay Area. The story follows the crash of the bomber, and the subsequent grass roots investigation into it lead by Gary Peak and John Romer.

The B-17 bomber was rumored to be carrying top secret cargo pertaining to post World War 2 and pre Cold War nuclear weapons testing, and although the story may seem solved, there is still a missing piece of information leaving us stumped to this day.

You can find the story in the ‘Incident Reports’ section.

The Mt. Shasta Incident


I just wrote a quick read about the various iconic mysteries surrounding Siskiyou County’s Mt. Shasta. The mysteries include UFO sightings, alternate continents and realities, and a mysterious 60 foot hole that appeared out of nowhere.

If you want to check it out, you can click on the image above, or here. It can also be found under the new ‘Incident Reports’ tab on the website. This is the first article I’ve written and I will continue to write more about various mysteries and events that intrigue me.

The New Site Goes Live


The third and most recent version of the Liminal Trading Co. website has been published, and this time its better than ever.
Based off a site that you may or may not be familiar with.. the new site is the first of many more projects to come to Liminal in 2022.

AI Generated Liminal Spaces


Recently my friend @oraclesmanifold ran my original image I took at Hamilton Air Force Base (original pic last slide) through a generative AI called GauGAN. This process wielded some slightly twisted, yet shockingly accurate results.

In his words, “The AI takes the original image and determines where things like grass, sky, and sidewalks are supposed to be and attempts to generate those same things within the areas it believes they should exist. It generates the objects of the world based on it’s flawed understanding of our world.”

Mars-1 Sneaker production update #2


Hey everyone, happy holidays. Hope you all had a nice and relaxing time with your family and loved ones.

The @mars_1_ shoes are in the final stages of production and everything looks amazing. We have a lot of work still ahead of us, but if things keep going as smoothly as they are now, we expect to get these kicks into your hands by early-February.

Thank you all for being so patient throughout this whole process. Updates will continue to be posted on this page, @liminaltradingco and on

Happy New Years.

Highway Sign Stickers released


New Liminal Highway stickers just dropped.

Based on the Wyoming state highway and US interstate signs, these stickers are perfect for a road trip.. or an acid trip... or any trip for that matter. Keep an eye out for any on I5 or 101.

New liminal spaces page added + info page updated


Added some new stuff to the info page. Also wrote a new page explaining liminal spaces with a couple photos. I’ll probably add more photos in the future.

Shoes go into production


After a great show last weekend at @the_chambers_project we are back with an update on the Mars-1 Sneakers.
The shoes have gone into production. We are expecting to receive and ship them all out during the early first couple months of 2022.

Thank you for being patient. Updates will continue to be posted on this news page and on @liminaltradingco