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The 1987 Mt. Shasta Incident

Mount Shasta, CA

August 16th, 1987. The date may seem unremarkable, but to the 3,000 people on this day who flocked to Siskiyou County’s Mt. Shasta to witness a once-in-a-decamillenia cosmic event, this was a moment that humanity could not afford to miss. On this day, the planets of the solar system were set to be alligned in such a way as to produce a cleansing energy that would kick humanity into a new era of peace and prosperity.

Mt. Shasta has always been basked in an aura of mystique. Over the years there have been many notable incidents that have taken place around the area, including various UFO sightings
and even a mysterious sixty-foot deep hole dug straight into the mountain that appeared leaving local residents confused and scrambling for explanations.

Local Mt. Shasta resident Elijah Sullivan took it upon himself to create a deep dive documentary titled “The Hole Story” investigating the leading local theories surrounding the mysterious hole. One of the most intriguing is the theory of the lost continent of Lemuria.

The idea of a lost continent aptly named Lemuria was introduced by Philip Sclater, a 19th century zoologist who claimed the continent served as a landbridge that allowed for lemurs to migrate from India to Madagascar. Yes, we are talking about the primates.

Legend has it that Lemurian creatures use Mt. Shasta as a gateway between our world and their home of Lemuria. Some Mt. Shasta residents go as far to say that they have witnessed Lemurian creatures walking around town and even entering and exiting the mountain in cloud-like UFOs. One of Sullivan’s theories is that whoever dug out the sixty-foot hole could have been attempting to dig down in search of the lost continent of Lemuria.

Ever since the first time I visted the Mt. Shasta area on a road trip in 2020, I could tell that there was something mysterious and different about it. It sits standing tall above all else in the middle of one of the most beautiful regions in the world, and with all of the mystique that surrounds it, I can not help but find it fascinating. The legends of Mt. Shasta are some of the most interesting stories that I have ever read about. I plan on visiting the mountain again in the near future and am looking forward to viewing it from a new perspective with this new knowledge.

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